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Got an exam to study for or just want to get all jacked up on Mountain Dew? We’ll do you one better. We’ve got tons of energy drinks from your favorite anime or video game characters, like Aggretsuko Liquid Rage, Dragon Ball Z Spirit Bomb, or Sonic the Hedgehog Speed drinks!

If you still want something fizzy and refreshing without getting the caffeine jitters, we have one-of-a-kind sodas, like Always Ask for Avery’s Old Fashioned sodas with real cane sugar in tons of unique flavors like Sarsaparilla, I Survived 2020 Lemonade, and Totally Gross Alien Snot* (kiwi & blue raspberry)!

*Not real alien snot. For real alien snot, please contact Area 51. Their contact info is [REDACTED]. [MIB is currently tracking your location….]